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Dear visitor

  • VFOF are thankful for your interest by your visit at this homepage that will complete our work to get as much public information about our lakes and our efforts to keep the lakes as rich with fish and different species as possible. Lately over the last years there’s been fewer fishing licenses sold mostly due to the public (you), doesn’t know about our fine lakes and the good fishing trips that they can offer you.


  • On these pages you can find information about our lakes, deep maps, topographic maps, several on going projects and the water quality in our lakes. You can also read about and find maps to our latest project, Hälltjärnen “Put and Take”.


  • You can also read about the Swedish crayfish that unfortunately has decreased significant by numbers in our lakes in the last 15 years and our plans and work to turn around this tendency, and what you as an environment conscious sport fisher can do to avoid spreading the crayfish plague and perhaps participate in our responsibility to save the Swedish crayfish from extermination by helping them to increase by numbers.      





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