Project Noble Crayfish

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The Swedish Noble Crayfish, of our finest kind

As long as people can remember the Valsan lakes had the finest of all crayfish species in its habitat.

In VFOF we are and will be doing all what’s in our power to make this extermination threaded noble crayfish to last and to increase by number.

It is important that you read this page to its end and pays attention to this subject and realises what you can do (and not do), to prevent this crayfish to be exterminated.

The Crayfish plague -

is the crayfish in particularly most dangerous enemy since only one plague spore can exterminate all existing crayfishes in a whole system of lakes. Essential the crayfish plague (witch is a form of fungus spore), are spread by another crayfish specie called signal crayfish. This crayfish are immune to the plague and carries it with itself in its shell. The water in lakes containing the signal crayfish is also infected with plague spores. Therefore it is easy for anyone and everyone to spread the plague without knowing so.


Typical plague transportation mediums:


·         Baitfish taken from another lakes.

·         Wet boats and canoes witch has been transported from another lake.

·         Peoples whom plants crayfish or fish from another lake or a fish-breeding compound.

·         Fishing gear, buckets or likewise witch have been used in another lake.


What can you do to prevent spreading the crayfish plague ?

Researches of the plagues spreading have shown that it’s the mankind who’s been the plagues best friend. Following list is a catalogue of what you can do to avoid being that one who’s spreads the plague above.


·          Don’t move or plant crayfishes, not even in the same lake.

·          Never use baitfish taken from another lake. Please call us (VFOF) if you are wondering where you can get hold of internal baitfish from the lakes.

·          Empty your boat from water and disinfect it with mentholated spirit if you have transported it from another lake.

·          Disinfect fishing gear and wet rod lines with mentholated spirit if you’ve been fishing in another lake.

·          Never throw parts of crayfishes or package witch have contained crayfishes in the lake.


If you want to know more about how to disinfect please call us.


What can you do to make the noble crayfish to increase by number ?

The crayfish biggest natural enemies and competitors in the Valsan lakes are the pike and the bream. You are mostly welcome to fish this two species as much as can carry. And please don’t kiss and release them again.

If you don’t want to take the fish with you, you can chop them up to small pieces and then release them to the lake again. (This for letting the sustenance to stay in the lake.)

If you own a piece of land or a house next to the lakes shore, try to avoid cutting trees or bushes next to the water. And if you still are cutting those trees or bushes, please throw them in the lake as nutritious extra food for the crayfishes.

The shorelines around the Valsan lakes are to clean to benefit the crayfish growth.

What are VFOF doing?

VFOF are above all working with information as in this page. We are sending out information to all post boxes around the lakes and we are also continuing to develop this homepage. This because it’s above all lack of knowledge and information that can do the most harm to the noble crayfish.

Within the year 2002-2003 we are planning to do a large inventory of all of our lakes to make sure what further steps we can take to make the noble crayfish to increase by numbers.

Since a couple of springs we have also been doing a big scale protective fishing of the bream. You can read more of this subject here.



Noble Crayfish reserve.

To save the noble crayfish from extermination the Swedish National Environment Protection Board together with the Swedish Fishing Board and the County administrative board have sent out information about the possibilities to establish a so called Noble Crayfish reserve for specific lakes.

Last year the VFOF board of direction came to the decision to start to establish this reserve in our lakes. VFOF are since then been working on the issue how this reserve are going to look like.     


This doesn’t mean that we can’t fish for the noble crayfish anymore. It’s probably means more like it’s going to be public restrictions in the freedom to move around boats and canoes.

Since this is a new thing for us all, we are having difficulties to se the whole picture how this is going to affect us.




Some myths to kill.


“The Signal crayfish growth 3 times faster as the Noble Crayfish= False

Finnish researches have show that the Signal Crayfish only are growing and increasing by numbers about 15% faster then the Noble Crayfish.


“The Signal Crayfish have easier to survive then the Noble Crayfish”  = false 

Its been shown in comparative between the two species that they have the same skills to survive when they live under same circumstances.